• January MOTIE, Minister of Employment Expansion


  • December 2018 Technological Innovation CEO Award / KERI
  • August Mutual change 'YES POWERTECHNIX'
  • July Korea's First SiC Power Semiconductor Production Line Celebration Event
  • May Acquired ISO 9001(NO.14737)/ISO 14001(NO.14758) Certification
    Factory Registration Acquisition
    Introduction of High Temperature High Energy Ion Injection Devices
  • March KERI SiC Mospet Element Technology Transfer Agreement
    Certified by the Enterprise Research Institute (Science Technology Information and Communication Ministry)
    Certification (T-4) of excellent technology evaluation companies


  • December Established 'POWERTECHNIX'
  • October SiC SBD SET evaluation and reliability evaluation completed
  • September DHK, Product Dicing
    SP Semiconductor, Product Packaging
    NINT, Priority bidder selection for technology commercialization
  • August P company, Contracted with SiC SBD SET for evaluation and reliability evaluation
    SiC Diode Product Fab-out
    SiC Diode 650V/10A, 20A Product live Demo
  • July KERI, Signed a contract to use ion implanter process equipment