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YES POWERTECHNIX is a company that specializes in SiC Power Semiconductor (SiC Diode, SiC MOSFET) which was established in 2017.
Expanding the use of eco-friendly energy and accelerating the commercialization of electric vehicles are becoming an essential technological environment in the fourth industrial revolution.
While the application of SiC Power Semiconductors, which are highly electrical in the world, is expanding, the lack of technologies and facilities for mass production in Korea has long been a concern for the industry.

In 2018, YES POWERTECHNIX was the first Korean company to commercialize SiC Power Semiconductors by adding technical support from excellent engineers and state-run research institutes based on the full support of its parent company YEST.

One step ahead of me knows that it will be a milestone for someone to follow.
Currently, YES POWERTECHNIX' SiC power semiconductor commercial products and research achievements enable the localization of advanced devices
In addition, it will serve as a cornerstone in strengthening the pride of a technology powerhouse and its pride as a semiconductor power.

YES POWERTECHNIX is willing to take on the challenge with tireless passion and wisely struggle to become the only one company in the field of SiC power semiconductors.

We would like to hear your interest and encouragement to ourYES POWERTECHNIX.

ceo doha kim